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The Docker Ecosystem: An Introduction to Common Components - DigitalOcean Tutorials
Gotchas in Writing Dockerfile - Program Is Made At Night


Ansible & Docker - AnsibleFest NYC 2014
Puppet & Docker: Using Containers with Configuration Management

DockerCon14 - June 9-10,2014 - San Francisco

Day 1

Ben Golub, CEO Docker, Keynote Slides
John Engates, CTO Rackspace, Keynote Slides
Brian Stevens, EVP & CTO Red Hat, Keynote
Fabio Kung, Heroku, Thoughts on Interoperable Container Slides
Rohan Singh, Spotify, Docker at Spotify Slides
Colin Humphreys, CEO CloudCredo, Decker: Cloud Foundry with Docker Slides
Mohit Soni, Software Engineer/Ashish Hunnargikar, Software Engineer, eBay: Delivering eBay’s CI Solution with Apache Mesos & Docker Slides
Nicola Paolucci, Developer Adovocate/Evangelist Atlassian: Be a Happier Developer with Docker Slides
Aravind Narayanan, Facebook: Tupperware - Containerized Deployment at FB Slides
Gene Kim, Entrepreneur, Researcher & Author - Docker & DevOps Slides David Lutterkort, Principal Software Engineer PuppetLabs: Beyond Golden Containers - Complementing Docker with Puppet Slides
Scott Bessler, Developer/John Fiedler, Operations, RelateIQ: Ubiquitous Deployment Slides
Benjamin Hindman, Engineer Twitter: Cluster Management and Containerization Slides
Jonathan Weiss, Senior Manager Amazon Web Services: Running Docker on AWS Slides
Boden Russell, Advanced Cloud Solution IBM: Performance Characteristics of Traditional VMs vs Docker Container Slides
Kevin Ready & Aater Suleman, Lessons from using Docker to Improve Web Developer Productivity Slides
Michael Bryzek, CTO & Co-Founder Gilt:Immutable Infrastructure With Docker and EC2 Slides
Paul Showalter & Karl Matthias New Relic: Docker Deployments - Powerful for Developers, Painless for Ops Slides
Andrew Spyker, IBM & Sundhir Tonse, Netflix: Cloud Native NetflixOSS Services on Docker Slides

Day 2

Solomon Hykes, Founder & CTO Docker: Keynote
Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fello, Keynote Slides
Eric Brewer, VP Infrastructure Google, Keynote Slides

DockerCon15 - June 22-23,2014 - San Francisco

Day 1

Ben Golub & Solomon Hykes, Docker:Keynote Ben’s Slides Solomon’s Slides

Use Cases

Santosh Bardwaj, Senior Director of Technology, Capital One:Analytic Garage on Docker Slides
Eric Buth, Interactive News Developer, New York Times:Docker in the New York Times Newsroom Slides
Jeff Valeo, Site Reliability Engineer, GrubHub:Enabling Continuous (Food) Delivery Slides
Rick Fast & Steve Hooffman, Engineers, Orbitz Worldwide:Enabling Microservices at Orbitz Slides
Eric Feliksik, Director of Cloud Orchestra, Nerdalize:Using Docker to Keep Houses Warm:Highly Distributed Micro-Datacenters Slides

Advanced Tech

Adrian Cockcroft, Technology Fellow, Battery Ventures:Faster, Cheaper and Safer:Secure Microservices Architectures using Docker Slides
Diptanu Gon Choudhury, Distributed Systems and Infrastructure Engineer, Netflix:Reliably Shipping Containers in a Resource Rich World using Titan Slides
Luke Marsden, CTO ClusterHQ, Alexis Richardson and Jeff Lindsay, Co-founder GliderLabs:Docker Plugins
Simon Eskildsen, Infrastructure Engineer, Shopify:Resilient Routing and Discovery Slides
Sarah Novotny, Technical Evangelist, NGINX:Interconnecting Containers at Scale with NGINX Slides

Docker, Docker, Docker

John Willis, Technical Evangelist:Getting Started with Docker Slides
Arnaud Porterie, Engineering Manager & Michael Crosby, Chief Maintainer:Docker Engine Slides
Aanand Prasad, Software Engineer & Evan Hazlett, Maintainer of Docker Machine:Orchestration for Developers Slides
Andrea Luzzardi, Software Engineer & Victor Vieux, Software Engineer:Orchestration for Sysadmins Slides
Madhu Vengopal, Senior Director of Networking & Jana Radhakrishnan, Lead Software Engineer of Networking:Networking Breakout Slides


Vincent Batts, Software Engineer, Red Hat:Contribute and Collaborate 101 Slides
Sharon Steed, Director of Business Development & Marketing:How to talk to humans:A different approach to Soft Skills Slides
Frank Yu, DaoCloud:Docker Community in China Slides
Panel:Alaina Percival, CEO Women Who Code;Adrian Cockcroft, Technology Fellow Battery Ventures;Dana Oshiro, Director of Programs Heavybit;Wayne Sutton, General Partner BUILDUPvc & Marianna Tessel, VP of Engineering Docker:Birds of a Different Feather Soar Together
Lightning Talks: Weihan Wang, Co-Founder & CTO AeroFS; Christopher Horrell, Manager Solutions Engineering Joyent & Jeff Lindsay, Principal Glider Labs Slides

Day 2

Scott Johnston & Marianna Tessel, Docker:Keynote Slides

Use Cases

Matthew Leventi, Engineer, Lyft:Speeding Up Development Slides
Thomas Barber, Cloud Computing Technologist & Brett Luckabaugh, Enterprise Software Architect, GE Appliances:From Months to Minutes - How GE Brings Docker Into The Enterprise Slides
Nirmal Mehta, Senior Lead Technologist, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen Hamilton:How to Build a Secure DevOps Environment for Government and Beyond Slides
Ashish Hunnargikar, Software Engineer & Mohit Soni, Software Engineer, PayPal:PayPal Goes Beyond CI to Production Scale PaaS with Docker Slides

Advanced Tech

Brendan Burns, Software Engineer, Google - The Distributed System Toolkit: Container Patterns for Modular Distributed System Design Slides
Brian Scott & Patrick O’Connor, The Walt Disney Company - Scaling New Services: From Container Creation to Automated Deployments Slides
Jessie Frazelle, Core Maintainer, Docker - Container Hacks and Fun Images
Bryan Cantrill, CTO, Joyent - Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production Slides

Docker Docker Docker

Nathan McCauley, Director of Security & Diogo Monica, Security Lead - Docker Security Slides
Ken Cochrane, Engineering Manager & BC Wong, Software Engineer - Docker Hub Slides
Banjot Chanana, Sr. Director of Product Management & Rajat Goel, Director of Engineering - Docker Trusted Registry Slides
Stephen Day, Senior Software Engineer - Docker Registry Slides


Kwame Yamgnane, Co-Founder and Executive Director & Gaetan Juvin, Software Engineer, 42 - How to Create a New Education in the Digital World Slides
Mukta Aphale, WhiteHedge Technologies - MomOps in DevOps Slides