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Vagrant Box Versioning (Part 1)

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TODO: Add Vagrant Boxes Image
Vagrant Box Versioning enables people who make boxes to push updates to boxes, and consumers of a box to have a simple workflow to check for updates, for updating boxes and determining what has changed in a box. Versioning is especially important and helpful if you work on a team. If you create or plan to create your own boxes then learning how to version boxes is very important. Vagrant Box Versioning is designed to be easy to use and fit nicely into the Vagrant workflow.

In this post we will explore the use of versioned boxes using Atlas. Part 2 will provide information and good practices to use when versioning your own custom boxes using private host capabilities.

Running Jenkins in Docker Containers

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Finally I found some time to investigate running Jenkins in a Docker container. There is an Official Jenkins Repository on the Docker Hub so I started by pulling the latest version:

docker pull jenkins

More information about this image can be found in the Jenkins website Official Jenkins LTS docker image blog post by Michael Neale. Curiously this post also has a link to cloudbees/ GitHub repository which contained a lot of useful information.

Running the official Jenkins image could not be simpler:

docker run -p 8080:8080 jenkins

At this point I decided to implement a Data Volume Container to provide simple back-up capabilites and to experiment with extending the official image to include some plugins via the core-support plugin format.

SysAdvent 2014

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SysAdvent is a set of articles on system administration topics written by practicing sysadmins. Now in its 7th year of posting an article for each day of December ending on the 25th it continues to provide insightful and useful articles that I eagerly anticipate each year.

This post will provide a resource list with links to each of the articles and links to the contributors Twitter feeds too. I also have created a SysAdvent 2014 Twitter List that I shall add the contributors to for easy reference.

AgileNZ 2014 - Day 1 Overview

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Last month I attended the AgileNZ 2014 Conference in Wellington. Sponsored by Assurity the conference boasted an impressive line up of talented speakers, both national and international. Seeing Gojko Adzic (Author of Specification By Example) and Tobias Mayer (Author of (The People’s Scrum) present in NZ reflected the conference organisers credibility amongst the Agile Community.

Day 1 saw me attend the opening presentation by Conference Chair, Edwin Dando followed by Gojko Adzic’s Specification by Example keynote. I also attended talks by a former colleague Dispesh Pala (now IBM), Bernard O’Leary, Clare McLennan and Martin Kearns as well as Eric Willeke’s afternoon keynote. The programme for the conference listing all the speakers can be found here.

Managing Docker With Puppet

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I have been using Puppet for a number of years now and it is the configuration management tool I feel most comfortable using. Recently I have been investigating how to utilise Docker during development and in Continous Delivery Pipelines.

Puppet offers a couple of ways to manage Docker itself and Docker Containers. PuppetLabs recently produced a webinar Puppet & Docker:Using Containers with Configuration Management featuring James Turnbull(Docker) and David Lutterkort(PuppetLabs)